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All of our printing, design, and mailing services are carried out on location with state-of-the-art equipment.



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Your success is Creative Graphics' success, and we like to pass that success on to a number of worthy causes. A company that is concerned about its place in the community and how it can contribute will be much more profitable than a company that is only concerned about its bottom line.

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Sherry's Run

Taste of Wilson County

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• FCS Commander Run – Extreme 5k

Providing high quality printing, graphic design, and mailing services

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Creative Graphics has sustained constant growth through the years by adding more employees and more services to meet and exceed your needs. In 1980, Joyce Holiman and Fred Vanhook started our company in the back room of a farm tractor dealership. To accommodate expanding business, we moved locations twice; we are now located at 100 Oak Street. Shortly after the move, a 4-color printing press was added and not long later the mail service department launched.

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Kevin Bass


                                       Kevin was born in Michigan but has lived in Lebanon, TN since 1970, so this is where he calls home. You might remember him from working at Quik Stop during his high school days. He graduated from Friendship Christian School, Cumberland College (back when it was College, not University), and MTSU. He also did some post graduate work at Auburn University in, believe it or not, Chemistry. After two jobs in the chemistry field, Kevin decided to change his career path and purchased Creative Graphics, along with his wife Amy. Kevin is the business side of the partnership, but you might see him doing anything from delivering orders to taking out the trash.


Kevin enjoys playing with electronic gadgets, Android phones (check out our mobile website on your phone), computers, and pinball machines. His dusty golf clubs will have to wait until retirement. He also loves taking trips with Amy and his daughters Hannah and Emily on the neverending quest to find the best roller coaster in the world.

Kevin Bass

President / Owner

Amy Bass


                                       Amy (Stephens) Bass was born in Lebanon, Tennessee and graduated from Mt. Juliet High School. She met Kevin in an art class at Cumberland College (why was Kevin in an art class?). Amy is one of the few people who is doing what she went to school for. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Middle Tennessee State University, majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Graphic Design. She has worked for Creative Graphics the longest of anybody; working summers in high school and her internship from MTSU. She returned to CG in 1993 part time, which turned into full time, and then purchased the shop in 1997.


In her very little bit of free time she enjoys stamping and scrapbooking, church events with her daughters and occasional mission trips.

Graphic Artist / Owner

Amy bass

Nakia Vensel


                                       Nakia Vensel was born and raised in Blair, Nebraska and always knew that she wanted to be an artist. She has been drawing and painting since early childhood. She went to college in Omaha, NE. to pursue a career in commercial art and learn the fundamentals of graphic design. She moved to Tennessee in 1995.


She worked as a designer and even a press operator for a few printing companies until coming to Creative Graphics in 2000. Nakia has created an impressive portfolio utilizing her unique artistic style. She offers custom portraits and stationery on her website: www.cowgirlart.com


Nakia and her husband, Shane, own 60 acres outside Watertown and have a daughter, Emery, who was born in early 2010. Together they enjoy working with their horses, rescuing stray and abandoned dogs and working on their farm.

Graphic Artist

NAkia Vensel

Alisa Eakes


                                       Alisa Eakes is the friendly voice you most often hear calling to let you know that your printing order is ready.


Alisa came to Creative Graphics after 15 years working with pre-school children. She was a beloved teacher at Friendship Christian School for 10 years. She brings with her the tolerance of a saint and a sunny smile. Although her title is “customer service representative,” Alisa can be found doing a wide variety of duties in the print shop.


She and her husband Tony, their daughter Kelsey, and son Adam live in Mount Juliet.

Customer Service Representative

Alisa Eakes

Terry Shreeve


                                     Terry started in the printing industry in 1985. Since then he has operated many different kinds of printing presses up to a 6-color 40 inch Heidelberg on which he printed art designs and advertising agency work. Terry came to work at Creative Graphics in early 2008.


After work he runs a karate school where he teaches Wado Ryu Karate and continues to train with his sensei (teacher).

Press Operator

Terry Shreeve

William "Santa" Sather


                                       William has worked in the trade for over 40 years as a print and

                                        bindery specialist.


During the holiday season, he promotes the legend of Santa Claus through photo shoots and personal appeareances. So you better be good because he could be watching you.

Bindery Specialist


Carol Bass


                                Some of you may recognize her as Mrs. Bass from the library at Cumberland University. Yes, she worked there for 25 years after moving to Lebanon from Michigan in 1970. After retiring from Cumberland in 1995, she started working part-time at Creative Graphics. Later her son, Kevin, and his wife, Amy, bought the business and she is still here happily working for them in the accounts receivable department.

Billing Department

Alisa Eakes

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